Wednesday, February 27, 2013


As you all know, my posts have been infrequent here and after much thought about the current state of things as far as my desire to jump back on the Old-Hollywood-blogging-community bandwagon goes...well, it doesn't go (meaning no offense to those of you on the bandwagon, of course). Anyway, the point of this post is just to say that I've come to the conclusion that this period in my life as a writer has come to an abrupt end and therefore In the Mood shall serve only as an archive of past writings (most likely to shame me on to bigger and better things). For those of you who would like to continue reading my nonsensical, pretentious (sometimes Hollywood-related) ramblings, I suggest ye go see But It Was.

Natalie (or Mrs. Granger, whatever)


  1. Sorry to hear you're leaving us, Natalie, but I'll send my best wishes that you move on to a brighter and grander future. As one Stanwyck fan to another, here's looking at you, sister!

    1. Thanks for the well wishing. Here's looking at YOU, sister! Much love. <3

  2. Ditto to what Aubyn Eli says, Natalie!

  3. Thanks for all the fun this blog has given me. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors!

  4. As much as I'm sad with you stopping to write about classic film here, I wish that this is happening because you're now in a new phase of progress! All the best wishes!

  5. I hope you're on to wonderful things. I was a relative newcomer to your blog but I enjoyed it very much.

    I also hope your days as a writer have not come to an end. :)

  6. Natalie,

    Can you contact David at FilmClassics? Something's wrong with their website. All I get is a page that says Fatal Error on it.


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